Friday, 5 February 2010

Flower Fairy Shoot

This was my second year final project. We had to create a look based on flower fairies. We could take it in any direction we wanted once we had chosen a fairy or poem by the author. I chose to look at summer as the shoot was in June. The fairy I picked was the Rose fairy. I wanted to make this more editorial than theatrical. I decided not to use wings as most shop bought ones would not look as delicate as the dress.
I made the head garland from flowers I bought online. The dress was made by my friend who did costume design, but as she had her own projects I finished it by sewing fabric flowers over the train of the dress.

The hair is the models own as well as three switches (large ponytails or hair) and a set of extensions I bought. The was all hot sticked before the shoot to save time. Her hair was hot sticked on the morning of the shoot before i did the make-up.
The make-up was quite natural in colours. Previous to this we had a specialist make-up lesson with Julia Francis on no make-up make-up through to glamour. I used some of the techniques she taught me to create natural looking eyelashes and light smokey eyes.

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