Friday, 5 February 2010

second year Theatre show - SIDESHOW

These make-ups are different to all the rest I have on here so far. They are Theatrical so the type of make-up used is different to that of shoots. The first image shows the final show on stage, my character is on the furthest side, and is in a red wig.
The next two images show a close up of the theatre make-up and the wig. The wig was set into a period style but i then sprayed it red to fit with the costume. The show is about freaks, so all of the make-ups were a bit quirky. My character was The Boss, so the leader of the whole Sideshow, so had the most extravagant look.

The next last two images are from a shoot we did for marketing of the show. In this i did a make-up and wig for one of the twins, Violet. My hair and Make-up can be seen on both girls on the right hand side of the photos.

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