Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Georgian V's 80's shoot

This was a shoot I did recently with stylist Vicky Smith. This was one of her own university projects which she asked me to do hair and make-up on.
Foe this project there were two models so I came up with designs for it and then found another student to produce the second models look following my ideas.
The make-up on this shoot was done by a fellow student in the year below me for work experience following the idea's Vicky and I discussed.
I set and dressed the wig out using inspiration from the film Marie Antoinette, starring Kirsten Dunst.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Work experience on 'OVER THE RAINBOW' advert

I was really lucky to get given the opportunity to do paid work on the advert for the new Andre Lloyd Webber program, finding Dorothy.
This was in london, in the black island studios. Four students from my course got to do this paid work experience, and we all got our own Dorothy we were in charge of for the two days shooting.
My Dorothy was the small, red haired girl in the advert and is the forth Dorothy to be shown.
This was an amazing opportunity and was fantastic to watch the lion being made up using foam prosthetics by Graham Norton's personal make-up artist.
The days were long, we did 6am-around 8.30/9pm, but this is not as long as in film.
Last year I also got the opportunity to do work experience on The Prince of Persia, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and they are incredibly long days, but very fun and exciting. Unfortunately because of copy right and privacy policies we were not allowed to take any pictures ao i did not do a section on this.

EMMA BELL inspired shoot for FMP

These photos were taken in a small shoot I did for a friend on the Fashion, Media and Promotion course at Northbrook College. The shoot was based around Emma Bell, so the make-up was bright ad the colours were clashing. She decided on a lady gaga hair bow in the hair. The hair on the model is actually all synthetic, her own hair was put into small bunches under the synthetic hair pieces. Unfortunately my friend in fashion does not have her own blog yet, so I cannot link this to her, but Since this shoot I have done Three more, so will soon be putting up more fashion images.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Flower Fairy Shoot

This was my second year final project. We had to create a look based on flower fairies. We could take it in any direction we wanted once we had chosen a fairy or poem by the author. I chose to look at summer as the shoot was in June. The fairy I picked was the Rose fairy. I wanted to make this more editorial than theatrical. I decided not to use wings as most shop bought ones would not look as delicate as the dress.
I made the head garland from flowers I bought online. The dress was made by my friend who did costume design, but as she had her own projects I finished it by sewing fabric flowers over the train of the dress.

The hair is the models own as well as three switches (large ponytails or hair) and a set of extensions I bought. The was all hot sticked before the shoot to save time. Her hair was hot sticked on the morning of the shoot before i did the make-up.
The make-up was quite natural in colours. Previous to this we had a specialist make-up lesson with Julia Francis on no make-up make-up through to glamour. I used some of the techniques she taught me to create natural looking eyelashes and light smokey eyes.

promotion cards for SPINDLE magazine (3rd years degree project)

These are images of promotion cards made for SPINDLE magazine. This magazine was made by a Fashion Media and Promotion student for a degree. They show make-ups from the shoots we did. My make-up and hair are the female model. A pier of mine did the male model.

Fashion Media and Promotion shoot

These images were produced over a series of shoots for a Fashion Media and Promotion. They were use din her final project for her degree, which was a magazine. I did all the female hair and make-ups and one of my piers did the male make-ups. These were really good to do, my favourite was the colour shoot (photos 2 and 3) as we had to cover them in paint for the final photos!

second year Theatre show - SIDESHOW

These make-ups are different to all the rest I have on here so far. They are Theatrical so the type of make-up used is different to that of shoots. The first image shows the final show on stage, my character is on the furthest side, and is in a red wig.
The next two images show a close up of the theatre make-up and the wig. The wig was set into a period style but i then sprayed it red to fit with the costume. The show is about freaks, so all of the make-ups were a bit quirky. My character was The Boss, so the leader of the whole Sideshow, so had the most extravagant look.

The next last two images are from a shoot we did for marketing of the show. In this i did a make-up and wig for one of the twins, Violet. My hair and Make-up can be seen on both girls on the right hand side of the photos.

Body painting

In my second year of this course we had the opportunity to have specialist body painting lesson from Julia Francis. She is an established Make-up Artist from Brighton, and also specialises in body painting, practically pregnant women. Her work is amazing so to get the opportunity to be taught her techniques was such a great experience. We did two body paints after the introduction lessons, the first she gave us the subject of seasons, i chose autumn and printed leaves of my model. Unfortunately i never got any of these images back so can't show them. The second was animals. I chose leopard as it has a good pattern and gave me lots of detail to re-create. I was lucky enough to have a friend who didn't mind modeling for this as the one one of the biggest problems we had. Most people were too shy!

1950's styled shoot

This shoot was my own uni project in my second year. We had to choose a period from the 20's to the 60's. I chose the 50's mainly because i new someone who had the right length hair to create the style, and who's eyebrows were not too think for the make-up look. The hair was set using a selection of heated rollers, and then dressed out by myself. I airbrushed the make-up base and contoured the cheeks instead of using a blusher. The eye make-up took inspiration from an image i found of Marilyn Monroe, so its not a typical 1950's look, it is slightly more glamorous. For this shoot we had to do everything ourselves and were marked on it all. I styled the outfit, and also found props to set the shoot up like an image i had of Marilyn Monroe where she was doing her own make-up.

Male Fashion shoot

This was my first male model to do make-up on. The make-up had to look very natural, so i used a MAC base which was water based so very light. I then concealed lightly and brushed a small amount of powder over and used a small amount of tinted lipsil on the lips so they were soft but dabbed it off so they did not look made up.

Fashion and styling shoot-part two

These images carry on from the one in my post Fashion and Styling shoot-part one. They show some different shots of the make-up and hair.

Fashion and styling shoot-part one

For this shoot there were two make-up looks. Light and dark. I was given the dark look make-up and two images, one for the style of eye make-up and and another for the lips. The eyes were quite simple to do. I had never done lips fading out before in the style of the image above. I used a MAC lip mixer which was much easier to move around as more like a paint, to achieve this. The beauty spot was actually the models own mole, which i darkened to make it more obvious for the look. Due to time this make-up was used for three outfits, i will uploads these too.

Domestic abuse sxf make-up

This shoot was for The photographer third year project. I had worked with him previously, so he new me and new what make-up i could do. The Final piece was presented like the campaign posters about domestic violence, where famous women had been made up to have black eyes, scratches and bruises. http://2005to2007.fabrica.it/blog/Women%20Aid.jpg
I created this make-up using specialist effects make-up such as an illustrator palette, which uses alcohol to apply the make-up, and bruise wheels.